The importance of humanities and communication

People choose one specialization among the many skills they gain throughout their lives. This is usually true, except for the gifted who can excel in multiple fields and still have enough time to rest. However, all of us know that such achievements are only tread upon by those who are confident of themselves and can take risks accompanying it. For most of us, just knowing the basics is enough. This is what universities try to instill within us, the minimum skills and knowledge in fields relevant to living in society, and the rest on the path each of us has chosen. These fields, relevant to living in society, are mostly found in the humanities wherein the basic component of society, communication, is found. In the student’s statements, he said that he wanted to become a pharmacist because he is out to make money. While this is a good plan for his future, it poses the question of his success if he focuses alone on the scientific side of the skills a pharmacist needs. One can mix chemicals and make cures for diseases, yet what does it matter if he has no skill in communication? One must acknowledge that while science may stand supreme, it was the field of humanities that gave birth to it. Humanities, philosophy to be specific, was what raised it to become the science it is today, either natural or social.

Let us recall on the saying “No man is an island.” While this quote is often related to how a person cannot stand alone, I would like to change this into “No man ought to be a resourceless island.” We know that islands stay connected to other lands through the deep underground; never really alone but just distant. Why I change such a famous line to become this is to emphasize the need for a person to be of worth. An island with resources and value will most certainly never stay alone, for though exploited at times will also be protected from harm.

In contrast, an island with no resources and value, an island of no known worth, will most likely be abandoned. From the ancients who journey the seas to the peoples of today who seek more needs than before. Something worthless will be ignored, discarded, replaced even with something better. This is why people should at least have the minimum skills to be acceptable in society. Just like the islands which could have their true value hidden, people should be able to learn the skills others need of them to be able to present the skills they need so that others may realize their true worth.

[Created after reading Another School Year: Why? By John Ciardi from last August 6, 2018]

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